Saturday, 24 November 2012

The M Word


  1. Most tutorials focus on "what are monads?" I like how this blog post just gives a whirlwind tour of the most important monads and how to use them. Would love to see a version of this that demonstrates the use of clojure.algo.monads to achieve the same effects, possibly with a sentence or two of explanation before each example.

  2. Martin, this is great stuff! I was wondering if you are aware of Jim Duey's Clojure library "protocol-monads"?

    As the name suggests, it's an attempt to define monads via Clojure's "protocols", in conjunction with "extend-type" and "deftype". A few weeks ago, I dove head-first into learning monads and have put a good deal of work into a fork of Jim's library. My most current work is on this branch:

    I also did a rough port of the examples from "algo.monads":

    There's still a lot to be done -- I consider my fork somewhere between "alpha" and "beta" quality for general purpose use. But I'm already leveraging it in some work projects to good effect.

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